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10 September 2016 | News

Somaliland:Kenya Interested Economically and politically Cooperation With Somaliland” Says Ms.Amina Kenya foreign minister + VIDEO.

The government of Kenya has announced that it is interested to have close bilateral cooperation between Kenya and Somaliland and reiterated that it can extend a helping hand on the area of road constructions.image

Ms. Amina Mohamed, Kenyan Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister has said that there is a need for Kenya to enter a deal with Somaliland authority.

She stated that Kenya and Somaliland can cooperate on the areas of Fishing, Agriculture, livestock, health, education and even mining and added that there are other ares of mutual interest that both countries can collaborate with each other.

The Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister has admitted that there are many Kenyan nationals currently in Somaliland who are here for different purposes.

She stated that there are instructors, UN Staffers, and further admitted that Kenya has a lot of experts to send to Somaliland.

Ms. Amina has further pointed out that since there are a lot of road building in Somaliland that they are planning to send there many road construction companies that will assist them and acknowledged that this can be the areas that the two countries can start cooperating with each other.

The statement showing Kenya’s keenness to start cooperation with Somaliland comes at a time when the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis is in Kenya on working visit.

Although Kenya has officially announced that it will open a consular office in Hargeisa has not so far sent her consular to the break away republic which seceded from Somalia in1991 but no country in the world has not recognized ever since.we quoted chamsmedia.
Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Amb. Mohamed on Somaliland
Plans are underway for Kenya to open a liaison office in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Already Somaliland has one in Nairobi. What are the benefits of the Kenya-Somaliland relationship? Somaliland has yet to be recognized as an independent, but is it is has its own democracy, conducts its own independent elections and it is considered to be stable and peaceful.
Watch below vedio interview taken in chamsmedia on kenya foreign affairs ms.amina


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